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Spadille Technologies (P) Ltd provides remote Microsoft SQL SERVER database support for all terms and expectations in each MS SQL SERVER versions. Spadille's expertise in custom SQL Server administration is the result of 9+ years of experience in MS SQL Server. Spadille Technologies has a team of professionals who can provide exceptional database administration support for all major versions of MS SQL Server (SQL Server 6.5, SQL Server 7, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2 and 2012 Instances)..

Spadille Technologies (P) Ltd Database Administrators (DBAs) have stronger and proven experiences in the administering, maintaining and supporting databases on production environment. We developed highly effective maintenance Plans, load balancing and disaster recovery strategies for our clients to support critical databases. Our DBAs are highly effective to support and ensure top performance of the database systems in 24/7/365, guaranteed!

Microsoft SQL Server Administration (DBA) Services

MS SQL Database Designing
MS SQL Store Procedure Development
MS SQL Trouble-shooting and Query Optimization
Database Performance Scalability and Indexing
Database Back-up, Monitoring, Memory Check, Administration and Maintenance Services
Database Business Intelligence Services
Database Integration Services
Database Support Services
Database Security and User Management Services
MS SQL DB Tracking
Replication- Data Synchronization among multiple servers
Database QA/Testing Services

The data type of the result is determined by applying the rules of data type precedence to the data types of the input expressions. For more information, see Data Type Precedence

The collation of the result is determined by the rules of collation precedence when the result data type is char, varchar, text, nchar, nvarchar, or ntext. For more information,
      see Collation Precedence(Transact-SQL).

The precision, scale, and length of the result depend on the precision, scale, and length of the input expressions. For more information, see Precision, Scale, and Length

SQL Server provides data type synonyms for ISO compatibility. For more information, see Data Type Synonyms (Transact-SQL).

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